a safe space for self care.

Joyn is a space for you to explore new movement from a body–neutral perspective. No judgment, no diet talk, no BS.

Joyn the movement

THE BIG PICTURE: A world where all people are inspired to move in a way that feel joyful and free!
HOW WE GET THERE: By creating a digital space rooted in body-neutrality, where you get to make all of the rules.

Instead of asking yourself, “what should I do? or “how should I move?” we want to ask you… “How do you want to feel”? And “What inspires you?”

We want to remind you that you get to check in with yourself at anytime to decide…How much energy do I have right now?

What teacher feels exciting for me to move with today?
Would moving from a chair feel more supportive?
Would feel better to slow down and meditate today?

Joyn is about choice, and body autonomy.

We believe that how you move changes.
We believe you know your body best.
We believe that movement should evoke joy.
We believe that some of you want to sweat!
We believe that some of you want to find more peace.
We believe you deserve lots of choices.
We believe in you. And that is our WHY.

YOU are the reason we are here.
YOU deserve a space where movement meets joy.
YOU are badass, and we can’t wait to move with you!

Are you ready to JOYN us?